Philosophy of Care

A Family Physician is trained during a three-year specialty program to care for over 90% of medical problems. This training includes pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, hospital/critical care, dermatology, emergency medicine and all the other major fields of clinical medicine. A Family Physician is prepared to practice medicine in major hospitals, outpatient clinics, rural locations and many practice in remote regions of the world.

As a Family Physician, it is my responsibility to integrate the most recent advances in medicine and technology into my daily practice of caring for you and your family. This requires persistence in reading and applying the current medical literature as well as integrating it into daily care. This constant ‘practice’ of medicine makes me, as your Family Practioner, uniquely able to understand the true impact of new technologies, drugs and to have insight into which will prove successful, potentially harmful or become a passing medical fad.

Preventive care is the cornerstone of my practice. More and more research studies are showing that preventive care not only produces better patient outcomes but also in the long term saves the health care systems’ money and resources. I take pride in the fact that in these successful studies and current systems in operation, the Family Practioner is placed as the leader and champion of preventive care. In keeping up with this data and emerging health care trends, I have incorporated a patient-centered preventive health program that centers on the annual physical. This allows me to diagnose and treat cardiovascular risk factors, screen for common cancers, diagnose and treat conditions early before they become evident, and provide my patients the most up-to-date preventive health recommendations.

In summary, the Family Physician provides comprehensive care integrating the most recent medical advances in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of patients and families. We not only treat diseases but we help prevent them. This patient-centered, preventive health focused approach is unique to my specialty and enables me to coordinate your care whether in the hospital or clinic.