Detox: A Four Part Series

Biohazard icon against a background.
Aaron Hartman

In this four-part series, Dr. Aaron Hartman paints a picture of our current state of toxin exposure and helps guide you through an orderly program to maximize your body’s natural ability to expel these substances—a process commonly called detoxification.

Part 1: Environmental Toxin Exposure — Is It Real?

Perhaps you’re still skeptical about the whole concept of environmental toxins. Dr. Hartman devote part one of this series to a discussion of environmental toxin exposure. Is it real or just a scare tactic of conspiracy theorists trying to find ‘the boogey man’ in every product we buy, food we eat or park we plan in?
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Part 2: Toxin Exposure & Chronic Disease

In part two, Dr. Hartman reviews the literature for toxin exposure and links to chronic disease.
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Part 3: The Process of Detoxification

In part three, Dr. Hartman reviews how our bodies goes about the process of detoxification in order to help the reader know how to better augment and assist this natural process.
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Part 4: A 6–10 Week Plan

In part four, Dr. Hartman outlines a plan for maximizing your body’s detoxification capabilities and minimizing environmental exposures.
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