Pediatric Health

Children are not merely small adults. Newborns, infants, and children have unique physiology, which is always in flux. Building a lasting relationship with a practitioner is critical to helping your child navigate each unique life stage.

A toddler and his mother meeting a doctor.

Well Child Exam

Regular well-child checks with your provider are essential to understanding your child’s health and assessing their growth and development. Building a lasting relationship with your practitioner is
important to helping your child stay healthy through each stage.

For your convenience, physical exams for school and sports participation can be performed by our providers.

A sports team comprising five girls.

School, Sports Exams

In the state of Virginia, students entering the school system and those participating in sports may be required to have a physical completed by your practitioner. For your convenience, you may download the forms from our resource tab to complete before you arrive. It is important that you provide your child’s shot record for the visit.

A young girl getting vaccinated.


Childhood vaccination is essential for the overall health of your child. Vaccinations can prevent the contraction of many preventable illnesses and the associated complications. Along with routine vaccinations we strongly recommend the Flu shot each year. Our providers are available to answer any questions you may have.

A teenage girl speaking with a behavioral therapist.

Behavioral Health Therapy

Behavioral Health Therapy will provide the tools and support to make a change possible. As a service available in our office, your provider can arrange an initial appointment for you to meet with a behavior health counselor. Talk to your provider if you are interested. Family Practice Associates of Chesterfield is committed to helping you feel the joy that everyone deserves.

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