Wellness exams are an important part of your overall healthcare. These visits help us identify and treat any problems that may develop. We want to prevent acute, chronic or even emergent needs from developing. These visits are an excellent time to discuss day to day concerns you may have about your health.

Stethoscope and a piece of paper for annual physical exams.

Annual Physical

As a general guideline, the average adult should have a physical twice during their twenties, every three years during their thirties, every other year during their forties and every year after their fifties. These recommendations vary based on the gender of the patient and their medical history.

Equipment for on-site lab and radiology services.

On-Site Radiology

For your convenience, Family Practice Associates offers our patients access to on site lab and radiology services during their visit. This access during the visit eliminates the need for referral to one of the area
draw stations or to another facility for an X-Ray.

  • Testing unavailable in house can be drawn and processed by Labcorp.
  • X-Rays are read immediately by our experienced providers and then sent out for review by a board certified Radiologist.
A tablet with the words Sleep Apnea and a stethoscope.

Sleep Medicine

Sleep disorders can be a potentially serious concern linked to other chronic disease states such as High Blood Pressure, Depression, and Diabetes. Many insurance carriers will not authorize referrals to a specialist until an at-home screening is performed. Our office offers at-home screening in the convenience of your own bed.

A toddler and his mother meeting a doctor.

Well-Child Visit

These visits are essential in the growth and development of your child. Regular well-child checks with your provider are essential to understanding your child’s health and assessing their growth and development. Building a lasting relationship with your practitioner isimportant to helping your child stay healthy through each stage. For your convenience, exams for school and sports participation can be performed by our providers.

Senior patient talking with her doctor.

Medicare Wellness Visit

A Medicare wellness visit is an annual exam with a primary care doctor for people on Medicare. The purpose of this visit is to create or update a personalized plan to help prevent illness based on risk factors and the current state of health. It is not the same as the annual physical you received from your insurance before you were eligible for Medicare. Medicare does not cover annual physicals as a benefit.

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